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Gridspace: Healthcare Trends featuring Forrester’s Natalie Schibell, Shannon Germain & Kyle Rybarczyk
Navigate Top Consumer Trends to Reinvent the Patient Experience and Prepare for the Future of Healthcare

COVID-19 planted the seeds of a digital-first future in healthcare. But to thrive in this new ecosystem, healthcare leaders need a digital strategy that aligns with rapidly evolving consumer demand. We will begin with a data-driven discussion on how consumer expectations have evolved and what trends will have a lasting impact on healthcare. Next, we will dig deeper on what technologies are necessary to win in a digital-first future and how HCOs can future proof their environment with key technological updates, adaptable clinical workflows, and investment in technologies that enable the digital front door, virtual care, conversational AI, and more. We will discuss how digital-first does not mean digital only, and how HCOs must balance digital experiences with empathy, usability, accessibility, and use them to complement physical in-person experiences. We will highlight workforce shortages as they pertain to burnout and speak to ways to mitigate losing bedside clinicians. We will close by having a discussion with Gridspace CEO, Evan Macmillan, on practical ways for HCOs to quickly implement and benefit from specific use cases.


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